Demo and Block Work


Demolition of the North and East sides of the building continues. We are also removing the drive thru lane of the old bank. During this process, there will be times in which roof will be exposed. The contractors cover the exposed areas to avoid any water penetration. Despite this, if you experience any leaks, please contact us at 717-757-4036 or The demo is projected to be completed by October 7th.


As the mansard roof is removed, the masons are building up the wall to allow room for awnings and signage. The West, North and East sides of the building will have 3 courses of block and the front(south side) of the building will have additional 4-7 courses. In order to lay more than 3 courses of block, the masons must make vertical saw cuts in the face of the building in order to install rebar and grout. The vertical cuts are approximately 8" wide and 5-6' in length. Unfortunately the saw cutting creates quite a bit of dust and requires scaffolding. The masons will also cover storefront windows plywood for short periods of time to avoid damaging the glass while they demo the cut block. We have asked that the most obstructive work be done on off peak hours to minimize the impact on tenants' business. The cutting and rebarring is projected to be finished by October 7. If you have questions feel free to reach out to us.


Whistler is roughing in the electrical for the lighting under the awnings. They might occasionally request to enter your space in order to make the necessary connections. All awning electric will be run from the common area electric panels.

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