Masonry, EIFS and Color

Over the past two weeks, we have made significant progress in refacing the building. The bones of the work are just about complete and we will soon begin adding the new finishing/siding(EIFS, stone and metal). Parts of the brick area have already been painted which has instantly enhanced the look!


Most of the demolition is complete. The remaining mansard roof will be removed early next week.


The masons have completed the saw cutting and grouting on the south side of the building and have finished constructing the majority of the parapet walls. Within the next two weeks, the block work should be complete after which the stone work portions of the south side of the building will begin.


The roofer is following the masons. As they complete the parapet, the roofer is applying and sealing rubber roofing.


The electricians continue roughing in the awning lights. Again, there may be times where they need to access your space to complete any remaining work.


The painters have begun painting the brick portions of the west, north and east portions of the building. Above the brick, we will be installing EIFS . The EIFS should begin in the next week or so. The contractor will likely utilize scaffolding for this work, however they will be sure that your sign is visible and that there is always access to your space. I am having a "We Open!" banner printed that they will use to ensure that there is not confusion!


The contractor will be framing out the raised portions of the roof in the north and east ends. The end result will look similar to the south end when they are finished.

As always, if you have any roof leaks or other issues you believe were caused by the construction, please contact us at 717-757-4036 or

Below are a few photos from 10/6/2016

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