EIFS progresses, delayed metal work


The EIFS contract has made a good bit of progress in the last couple weeks. The Styrofoam portion of the façade is up on the north, west and east sides and they are now applying the finishing coats to give it texture and color. They will move to the South side of the building once they complete the other three sides.


The metal siding which will be applied to portions of the south side of the building has not yet arrived from the manufacturer. The work was to have begun a couple weeks ago, but will begin in the near future as soon as the metal arrives.


If you haven't yet been in touch with Continental Signs, please contact Carey at 717-845-6869. We thank you all for being receptive to investing in the new channel letter signs. They will make a big difference in the appearance of the mall. You will need to solidify your design so the sign company will have enough time to manufacture the sign.

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